What Are The Best Tools For Creating A Bootable USB Drive?

Back in the day, for installing an OS or for making a rescue disk, we had no other choice other than to burn the entire system into a DVD or CD. Though we’ve nothing against DVD or CD, the method is time-consuming, clunky, and not easy to use while the majority of the manufacturers are on their way to burying the DVD or CD writer. Thankfully, we’ve USB drives to the rescue. They’re simpler for carrying and comfortable to utilize.

Also, we can use a USB drive again, unlike DVDs or CDs, and after utilizing it, we can format it and save something else on it. But, for using, make the USB bootable, we’d require bootable software. For assisting you in making a USB bootable, we’ve chosen top tools to make USB bootable.

How Can You Make A Bootable USB From The ISO?

Installing the operating system is easy; all you require is to burn the ISO to your USB drive with any one of the programs mentioned here. After finishing, reboot the system and change the booting order from USB. Now, follow the instructions on your screen, and you’re all good to go. Once the work is finished, you can format your drive and utilize it as the regular flash drive.

List Of Top USB Bootable Program:

Here’re the top USB bootable programs you can make use of:

  • Rufus:

Rufus is a portable and small tool that permits you to make USB bootable for Linux and Windows. It also permits you to check your USB drive for the bad blocks, utilizing up to 4 passes. It can run in both x32 and x64 versions of Win Vista, Win XP, Win 7, and Win 8. You can make a USB bootable for the listed Windows versions, as well as almost all the well-liked Linux distributions, like Kubuntu, Ubuntu, OpenSUSE, and Fedora. It is our current favorite method of making Linux Live USB and CD drives.

Rufus is extremely simple to utilize, and the tool looks like the default format window demonstrated in Windows when you format the USB drive, hard drive partition, or some other external drive. In addition to Linux and Windows systems, you can also utilize Rufus for putting utilities on the USB drives, like Ultimate Boot CD, Parted Magic, and BartPE.

Bootable USB Drive

  • Windows USB/DVD Tool (Windows):

If you happen to be a user of Windows and in need of the bootable USB for Windows, it’s the official program for you. As the name proposes, this program can permit you to make both bootable DVD and USB drives. The specialty of this program is its user-friendliness. All you need to do is simply insert your USB, choose an ISO file and click the Next button.

After the first format, the program will make the bootable USB within minutes. However, it lacks choices for personalizing the bootable USB. For example, you can’t change the partition or file scheme or make the extended level or check for the bad blocks. If you do not mind the lack of advanced options, choose this tool.

  • UNetbootin:

UNetbootin is a free tool for Linux, Windows, and Mac OS X that permits you to make bootable Live USB for Fedora, Ubuntu, and other Linux distributions in place of burning the CD. It can run on both Linux and Windows. Either utilize UNetbootin for downloading one of the numerous Linux distributions it can support or provide the own Linux ISO file location.

NOTE: The resulting USB is just bootable on computers, not Macs. In addition, this tool is not as dependable as it once was; we now suggest one of the other programs stated here, like Rufus.


So, it’s the list of the best USB bootable programs for MC/Windows with which you can make a bootable USB. If it’s a new thing to you, you can use any of these good options. If you deal just with Windows, you can choose Rufus.