Our Technology

In addition to coal, the Bixby Process can be used with any carbon-based feedstock, including municipal solid waste, sewage, biomass, wood waste, plastics, hazardous waste and rubber tires. The ability to convert this wide array of material means that syngas and carbon are available from a variety of energy resources via one highly versatile technology.

A Cleaner, More Efficient Alternative

The Bixby Process technology can be used to eliminate the need for traditional technology used in coal-fired power plants to reduce the amount of carbon emissions by up to 65 percent. In addition it obtains more energy per pound of coal than today’s out-dated systems, and consumes no water in the process (although water is used).

The Bixby Process – One Technology, Many Applications

Power plants are just one example of how the Bixby Process can benefit the energy industry. Because the system does not require a mammoth facility, it can be used on a smaller scale:

  • Use the Bixby Process next to a large energy user, like an auto factory or tire manufacturer, and produce syngas cheaper than what they are using today.
  • The Bixby Process can produce high value, natural gas quality syngas right at the mine mouth of a coal mine, and deliver it directly into America’s natural gas pipeline system of more than 130,000 miles.
  • Wind and Solar technologies that provide intermittent power can be supplemented with Bixby Process technologies at the wind or solar farm, using available carbon-based energy resources such as farm waste, wood, garbage or animal manure to provide energy when the wind isn’t blowing or the sun isn’t shining.

A Revolutionary, Game Changing Technology

The Bixby Process represents a new more efficient and environmentally friendly way of using carbon based materials, particularly coal, because using it makes them cleaner energy sources. However, it is not a “silver bullet”. Coal provides an important part of the world’s energy needs today, so much so, that it would be impossible to simply abandon and replace it with more environmentally friendly energy sources. There simply aren’t any “clean energy choices” out there with the capability to do that today.

The Bixby Process allows us to continue to use coal but with a significantly reduced carbon footprint. It will reduce the impact that coal has on the environment and allow us to “buy time” as we transition from fossil fuel sources to more environmentally positive choices. It will also help us transition to more desirable energy sources like wind and solar, quickly and easily providing energy when the wind isn’t blowing and the sun isn’t shining while reducing the carbon footprint we live with today in burning carbon based materials like coal. Devolitizing biomass as a fuel will also reduce the emissions from that source even further than had been intended giving biomass an even more positive carbon footprint.

The Bixby Process will be a major contributor towards helping supply the worlds growing energy demand while significantly reducing the carbon footprint of current fuel sources that have been major contributors to our worldwide carbon emissions problem. It is here today and ready to be utilized.